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Making Computer Ownership, Computer Training, and Internet Access Possible for ALL People

MISSION: Closing The Digital Gap (CTDG) has had the same Mission and goal since 2002, as a non-profit 501(c)3 Michigan organization, which is to provide low-income, disabled, unemployed and underemployed residents of the service area, an opportunity to earn a computer or laptop or tablet, receive various Computer and/or Internet training and access, along with assisting participants in making further connections with community resources in order to further training that may lead to employment, literacy and/or educational enrichment for our participants and their families.

We also service and partner with local businesses and other non-profits to assist at-risk youth and micro-enterprise or entrepreneurs or small businesses in training their workers and testing their workers through the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Exams, as an authorized testing Center through federal grant funding received from Department of Labor.  We also help those wanting to start a business through our Technology Tuesday training courses that instruct in how to run effectively, economically and efficiently run a business, even with small budgets, just utilizing a tablet or android cellular phone and adding FREE or low cost devices, software, applications, programs and other offerings.  (i.e. take credit cards, create forms/invoices, building websites, etc.).  Also, check out our Surfing Seniors program for 55+ year olds to utilize emailing, become computer literate or advance their technology skills to pay bills, save on bills, stay in touch, or enroll in benefits on the computer/online.  Don't forget our youth programs that help at-risk youth through computer academic software programs, allow them to learn to build websites, build and repair computers, learn coding, create animated avatars for presentations, websites and/or games.

For more information on dates/times, fees, application, programs/services or training courses, please feel free to contact the Closing The Digital Gap's offices between 9:00 a.m. and 12 Noon at (517) 485-7581 to register for courses.  Our programs and services are for Michigan residents (youth, adults and seniors) or small businesses or entreprenuer hopefuls, we will be extending our training, testing and computer repair/maintenance services in 4 other states in Fall of 2015.   You may also E-mail us at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it




Please assist in continuing the Mission of Closing The Digital Gap and consider donating:

Computers, Printers, Flat screen monitors, Software, Keyboards, Mouse, Flash drives, Ink, or simply make a monetary donation by mail at the mailing address below or through one of our Donate buttons below.

Mailing Address: 809 Center Street, Suite 7B, Lansing, Michigan  48906  Attn:  Fundraising Division


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The potential participant's must take and provide the results of a Reading, Writing & Math Assessment test which can be taken at the Lansing Community College (LCC) Assessment Center for free. They must fill out one page application, provide a State ID or License and proof of income usually in the form of last years W-2 and/or Income Tax report (the report must show their name as well as the number in their household for which they provide support.) This is used to determine their income qualification status. A telephone number must be provided that the participant can respond to within 24 hours.

We offer low-cost training courses or FREE* courses, dependent upon grant funding and donations annually.  We give away FREE computer systems or low cost computer systems to participants, based on availability, donations, and grant funding.  We partner with two entity to assist in providing low-cost and/or free internet access, however, some restriction apply (i.e. participant must have their own land line home phone, email address, qualified as low income, etc.).  Please contact us for more information.

The primary focus of this training is on Office Applications such as word processing, spreadsheets and presentation programs. In addition, the program establishes the skill set and habit of using e-mail services as a business communication tool.  We offer Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification Exams and Testing.

Closing the Digital Gap (CTDG) has monthly classes year round.  The classes are four (4) weeks and are held Monday-Thursday from 9:00 p.m. to 12:00 Noon in the Winter.  In the Spring and Summer, then from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. the rest of the year.  CTDG does special group workshops on Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information call (517) 485-7581.  Also, Technology Tuesdays is a new program for entrepreneurs and micro-business owners, seats are limited, business learn how to run a business utilizing tablets/android and using FREE software/applications and services.

Most programs result in the participants receiving a computer system at the conclusion of the series provided they attend all of the structured class sessions as well as some of the Open Lab sessions. We will also arrange for one year of Free Dial-up Internet service from ACD.net provided they have phone service (a land line) in their home.

*Subject to low-income participants and grant funding/donations.




While our primary participants have been adults in the 20 to 35 year old age range either unemployed or working in low-income jobs, we have run pilot programs with several specific groups including the following:

  • Michigan Rehabilitation Services
  • Peckham
  • Community Mental Health clients that have mental or physical challenges
  • Lansing School District youth identified as at-risk for becoming school drop-outs (6th grade to 12th grade)
  • Eaglevision
  • MichiganWorks
  • Origami program
  • Foster Grandparent program
  • H.O.P.E Scholars program.
  • St. Vincent DePaul's Youth program
  • Head Start Families, often young single mothers on assistance or working low-income jobs
  • Refugees with minimal English language skills (primarily individuals from war torn countries sponsored by St. Paul's Episcopal Church in downtown Lansing.)
  • Brief training seminars to officials from Ghana, Africa which has also resulted in our providing over 300 computer systems and supplies for use in their schools.
  • Computer skill development training for unemployed and under-employed WorkFirst Clients reporting to the Cedar Street Michigan Works facility and subsequent enrollment of many of these clients in the CTDG Port Of Entry, computer ownership program.

These programs were provided in cooperation with the indicated organizations for FREE or minimal cost to the agency. While we have successfully provided computer ownership to over a thousand families, the results of our efforts may not be realized for a few more years. At the very least, we have given these individuals and families a tool to improve their lifestyle and the opportunity to become part of the Global community.

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CTDG Volunteers Needed

People are needed to assist in basic clean-up of donated computers and in testing, initial evaluation, and as assistants to the Instructors at the training sessions. You will gain real world experience in the computer field, while providing a service to your community.  All Volunteers are subject to background checks/screenings and child registry processing research from Department of Human Services (DHS), if working with youth.  This vetting process is for our partners and our board of directors requirements.  Call (517) 485-7581 for more information and to get an application.

REMEMBER:  Volunteering is a two way street - You give back to the community and its a big plus on your resume from the experience!


Closing the Digital Gap’s (CTDG) BAP initiative

Closing the Digital Gap’s (CTDG) Business Assistance Program (BAP) initiative is designed to provide assistance to businesses and their employees with computer based skills that will improve their overall capacity to compete in a technology based economy. CTDG’s objective is to enhance economic development in the Lansing. Related activities include: